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This website is owned and operated by a company below referred to as the promoter. All services available on this website are bound by the conditions outlined below. Use of this website constitute full agreement to these terms and conditions. The promoter reserves the right to modify these terms at any time and advices you to check up on them regularly.

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On this website the promoter provides you with bonus codes for a number of distinguished online poker rooms. The promoter is affiliated with the poker rooms in question and is therefore bound by their terms in so far as the bonus offers. This means that the promoter offers no guarantees for the listed bonus offers which are provided solely on the conditions of the poker rooms. It is your responsibility to study the terms and conditions of each poker room. All articles and reviews featured on the website are 100% free services and even though the promoter works with great attention to detail to ensure that all such information is accurate and up to date, it still comes without guarantees, expressed or implied, of any kind.

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