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This website is all about poker bonus. What kinds of bonuses there are, how they work and where you can get the very best of them. The poker rooms have deliberately made the poker bonuses hard to understand in so far as how you as a player actually go about releasing them. Sure, the bonus figures tend to look impressive and all but without knowing exactly what it takes to release the bonus you can't really value-judge it. This is where we enter the picture. We explain it all down to the smallest detail and to top things off we offer you a wide range of poker bonuses with all the relevant data in plain sight; thereby giving you ample opportunity to make an educated choice and get the most out of your online poker adventure.

We, the people behind this poker bonus enterprise, are two successful online poker players with many years of experience with "bonus whoring" as it is popularly called. This website is all about turning our considerable knowledge into public knowledge. Knowledge is power and with more knowledgable poker players around, the poker rooms will have no choice but to shoot straight and offer worthwhile bonuses to each and every player out there.